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The coral reefs are disappearing…

Everyone involved with Craig Dietrich photography has been enchanted by the sea their whole life. As children, we dreamed of being oceanographers, biologists, scuba divers, even Aquaman! Having dived around the world and in Florida I have witnessed the degradation of the reefs and the destruction of its wildlife.

Coral reefs represent some of the worlds most spectacular beauty spots, but they are also the foundation of marine life: without them many of the seas most exquisite species will not survive.
— Sheherazade Goldsmith

What we can all do to help

We all saw that this problem was only getting worse, and not going away unless we did something about it. That’s when we were moved to do something bigger than what we could do individually. So we teamed up with our friend, fellow conservationist, and world-renowned underwater photographer, Craig Dietrich, to share his incredible art in the form of a clothing line—making owning a piece of his art affordable for everyone. Our goal is for these striking images Craig has captured to bring awareness to the incredible life in the sea, and hopefully inspire others to help save our reefs, seas, and oceans.

With the tangible benefit of 10% of all proceeds going to help save our fragile and beautiful reefs it helps by letting everyone who simply wants to wear an incredible piece of art get involved and participate in the cause. Perhaps when they wouldn't have thought of donating on their own.

Join the cause today by purchasing one of our shirts, or donate directly to the Coral Restoration Foundation™ below.